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Hopes and threats of replacing the EPRDF with a national party

“As Ethiopia is a coalition of nations, it is possible to mobilize different nations and its people to fight against one another, not by a separate collective organization, but by the organization, in particular in the organization of nations and nationalities.”

The above mentioned political principle was adopted in 1999. The Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), which has been ratified and is still in operation, is a geneticist derived from the constitution.

He explained that when the EPRDF sets up a national antitrust body, it will be able to ensure that the Ethiopian people who are vigorous are able to translate and validate the equality and unity of the people.

“The charter stipulates the principle of the EPRDF’s organizational structure,” so that it will only take on the forefront of its own people who have set up their duty of protecting the rights of their people and simply receive their people’s support. “

However, the leadership of the EPRDF, the founder of the front, and the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, have been briefed on various reasons. The EPRDF leadership is leading the middle ground of the Ethiopian society, Meles Zenawi, who publicly asserted that the EPRDF would form a national ally.

This is one of the political commentators who recently briefed Meles’ inconspicuity, Professor Alex Powell, who studies closely the Ethiopian politics. The In August 2018, “The Future of Ethiopian Developmental or Political Market Place?” In Melaka’s case, has indicated that Meles EPRDF will be one of the national parties, but that the political and economic sanctions need to be met.

It is said that one of the pillars that the EPRDF believes will enable them to transition from the GERD into the Middle Ages is that it will transform the EPRDF into a middle-income country, transforming it into the realm of liberalism.

However, in 2007, he began to work as an ambassador to Ethiopia from a coalition of prime ministers. The Committee of the Presidency held a committee to form a committee to conduct such a meeting.

The committee has started to speed up its study of the past four years, It will later be said. For this reason, the opposing and opposing interests of the EPRDF party are mentioned mainly. September 2011 At the 11th Organizational Assembly of the EPRDF it was also discussed by the Joint Inquiry Committee on its incomplete study.

A discussion paper on the structural changes and organizational integration of the conference presented on the 11th meeting of the EPRDF.

According to the same document, the Committee on Ethics conducts a research study under the Office of the Bureau of Research and Research at the headquarters of the Bureau of Research, the committee said that the study has identified three options in relation to the structure of the front.

The study was initially indicative that it was not yet time to integrate the EPE and its partners together. This means that the EPA and its partners are indicative of the inadequacy of the ENDF. The second option is the establishment of a common national coalition with the position of the EPRDF Founder and its partners. The third option is the four existing national organizations (EPRDF member organizations) that are affiliated with members of the National League for Democracy (NLD).

The 11th Congress of the Organization called upon the 11th Organization of the United Nations to address the issue of structural adjustment and emphasize the need for the EPRDF Rectangular Strategy to address the need for the future of our struggle and the future of our struggle.

Thus, a detailed discussion of the options will be completed before the next meeting, if possible, and on the next meeting, which will be set aside for the next meeting (two to three years, depending on the duration of the organization).

Since the decision was announced in September, the committee has been conducting additional screenings. Last week, the EPRDF Chairperson and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) met with the EPRDF and its affiliated organizations in a discussion with the community members representing their constituents and organizations in Addis Ababa. A party.

The EPRDF members, as well as its affiliated organizations, have formed a nation-wide coalition that will form a national party formed in a month, and the EPRDF will change.

Memorandum of Understanding with the Prime Minister, Abayi Abay said that the study document will be finalized for all nationalities and will be discussed separately.

He added that the government would be replaced by a political leader who would only be elected by the four-party EPRDF decision-making committee and that the political administration would participate and decide to participate in the political process. For this reason he said that he had received an answer to political questions for several years by partner organizations.

The Hopes and Dangers

The EPRDF chairman, Prime Minister Abu Jihad, announced that the EPRDF and coalition parties were integrating a single party into a short-term plan,

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