Is it God through the law, God?

It does not seem to be possible to stand up for liberty, justice, and equality. “I am the only one who can, if I am not, or I am dead, all things must be done by my good pleasure, etc.”. It’s just that there is widespread dissatisfaction with the wounding of the nation and its people. As the relationship between the federal government and regional states has collapsed, it does not seem fair to read and correct the mistakes. The people of one party are listening to different dialects because of the lack of ability to manipulate the different regions, the public are shouting in public, and the blood that the blood is hurting. Even tragic stories that are being heard on the head-quarters of Addis Ababa will make the future bleak. It’s sad that Addis Ababa is home to the Ethiopian alphabet as a African city, and it’s a shame that the people of Habridi control the air. The change that has begun to dominate the country by the rule of law, even if the government does not want it at all, will undermine the existence of the country. If the current threat and violence are not regulated by the law, then it is better to lead a government. The rule of law is gone.

In ancient Ethiopia, ‘respecting the law of the law’ was a common expression of the rule of law of our people. Bullies are not aware of the enormous destruction that has left the country with a repeat of the rule of law. Was this today called “God Almighty” when He was heeded by the “Law of the Law”? When it comes to vocational training and the ability to narrow the gap, what will be the effect of losing sleep on a country, noting that the way of life is not enough to destroy and destroy the life of the innocent? If you are a country leader and have the power to hold yourself, do not squander yourself. Examine individuals and groups of political activists who are involved in the process. Return the duties of the officers to the people who are responsible for your ability to function properly. The unpredictable appointee is best suited to lead a country in a cluttered hinterland by inspiring ants. You have plundered the nation with blood and threw blood into it.

The time of the Ethiopian people has passed and the times of evil and kindness are united. Ethnicity, language, beliefs, culture and so on, so far, they have lost much of their common values, rather than separating. This is a great story of a great and ancient history, and it must have been a period of civilization for a long time, and it could be the case with a country that has been plagued by mischievous and unwholesome influences. It is a disgrace that is to say that this historic country can be thriving in a thriving, prosperous, African country. It is more than just trying to convert the country into a fraternity, in order to create a co-operative democracy and create a democratic, democratic and democratic country. The tongues that blew liber yesterday yelled out to mourn the demolition. How can self-esteem, diversity, and hygiene overtake the air? How about the country of democracy? God of the Law!

Inside the mindset of an assassin who insists that “the house is destroyed, and the beasts of the beast”. It’s a collection of the common country as a collection of piles through history and its origins. Everything is “just mine”. In the case of a political leader, the outcome may be a temporary victory, not a permanent and reliable victory. Misleading an erroneous mistake with the public. Changing the hoped-for changes brought about by dictatorship or anarchy. Now, the realities of the land on the ground are rather threatening than hope. There is serious fear that the Addis Ababa City Government and the Oromia regional government will not be able to reconnect with their homelands. Sad to say that a person who has crossed over has caused confusion over a condom at this time. The contrasts between left and right in the ownership of Addis Ababa are autonomous. It is not known what will happen next tomorrow after not wanting to negotiate with the left and right sides. The federal government is silent beyond tolerance. But in the middle, peace was lacking. God of the Law!

At this moment, it is important that the people of Ethiopia endeavor to be patient and courageous, while in the midst of anxiety and frustration in Ethiopia. If everything is incomprehensible, how will it be arranged for the upcoming election? How can civilians navigate from one place to another? How can social justice be needed? Millions of people in need of assistance are able to increase the number of needy contributors, and how many unemployed people can get out of the country? Federal and regional governments should be able to regulate their internal relations and accelerate the law. If there are any errors, you can edit the center of the page. Illegal rule of law is appropriate. Clean up the government structures above and below. The government is responsible for the maintenance of the peace and security of the people. To do this, you must make good use of the legal safeguards and legal frameworks. Only the rule of law can apply the concepts of peace, democracy, prosperity, national unity, justice, and national prestige. Those who endeavor to be free, fair, and equal are expected to support this effort. The country is in a downward spiral. At this crucial moment, all Ethiopians must fulfill their duty to be called “God Almighty,” not by “God Almighty”!

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