The film industry that you fell in love

Until the nineteenth century Ethiopia was dominated by local governments. The worst of the times, the greedy Sergeant Gabo Seroos, the Emperor King Abdulfar, and the king of the Kuwaiti king Kai-lynna are famous. It was a big homework for Ethiopia in that era, such as Caleb Feyenoord, to become a part of the central government.

Emperor Menelik II, who had been the emperor of the Emperor as the sole emissary of the Emperor, was severely opposed by the king, King Kahi Emperor, who implied partiality and deportation. In order to serve the central government, Kach had to send seven of their men to Wulay. In an unexpectedly fiercely wounded state, the emperor seized a modern army of men who sent their armies for the sixth time.

The cumulative number of the Royal Air Force’s sixth-generation troops changed their military tactics as the modernization of the culmination of the armed forces and their armed forces. Place a plant that drives the bees in gathered from the beehives. The earth became a ruin. They escaped from the canyons and escaped from the bees.

It is believed that the story could have been watched by a gang of trumpets in the film. When the ammunition is announced, the armed forces shatter the weapons, clean the land, prepare the shield and the war, the archers have the courage to set up their warrior dresses, the earth is full, and the mothers armed with swords and spears have been unwanted in the country. Ethiopian film is not only about enjoyment but also the motivation and pride of the nation. It is not exaggerated that history in the history of the warlords and leaders of these warlike days could have inspired another movie. It is also known that there are stories that can be changed beyond film battles. But it does not seem like the viewer is looking to watch such Ethiopian films. Movies that are not related to those who want to see such stories.

The filmmaker argues that the film’s debut film, Diliba, is more than just about the current facilities and preparation of the industry. He made the movie “Ignorance”, “YouTube”, “I”, “My Birthday,” “Mother’s Day,” and “June 30,” by actor, director, and pro-film author. He is also the producer of the two films and has produced four directories. We’ve heard a film that has been produced a few weeks ago as a helper.

As he did these works, he observed that there were many problems with the development of the film industry in Ethiopia. There is also a lack of knowledge and money to prepare an accurate story. The problem of knowledge begins with a careful study of the story. “No conditions are required to enter the Film Industry Industry. A person has the right to work together as a writer and author. If he is a director, he can do it, “said the source, who insisted that the industry’s main problem was not directed at the industry. Although the profession is made professionally, the gifted talent needs to be devoted to education and training.

It is impossible to conclude that a good book writer or poet could write. “At present, 90 percent do not dread being a filmmaker in the industry,” he said. Currently, a movie script sells between 20,000 and 50,000 birr. Some say that film scripts sell for less than 10,000 birr.

By default, the movie script will be written first. It is then the filmmaker Birhan Tiru, ​​who then moves to the movie script, and finally to the shyness script. The three pieces that prepare the publications have to work. When something goes wrong with the script, it should be worth the price. However, it does suggest that the current design is different.

The Ethiopian film industry revolts around 15 years ago. The first five years have been paid for, the talents of experts, and the amount of money they have accumulated. The second five years, however, is that the job is worth the effort rather than the demand. In the last five years, he has become a fully fledging business. They produce about a hundred films a year. Of these, it is the profession that records that the best ones are not more than four.

Movie releases come to suggest that many of the most popular films that are copied from overseas are unreliable. Sadly, there is also a problem with recording the story accurately. “It’s the same story telling a lot of movies. Encourage someone to tell him what he knows most often. Our films focus on the same thing. A boy can create an opportunity to meet a girl. And they would throw them away. It is a country that is full of interesting stories and events, even if it’s a movie, but the film is still reflected in the movie.

To deal with the problem, the staff should study the history and social values ​​of the country. Then, a body reflecting the Ethiopian values ​​and stories must be established at the institutional level. If one is able to establish a good institution, it believes that it is possible to make eligible films to be standardized by the standards set by the Institute.

“Our country works in pocket money. We may be able to work hard, but we can not make a movie we can not own. “

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