“The political transition of the state is still healthy, but the unstable economy can undermine the economy,”

“The political transition of the state is still healthy, but the unstable economy can undermine the economy,” Tewodros Mekonnen, Director of International Growth Center,

She is currently a Country Economist with Tewodros Mekonen (Dr.) International Gross Center. The institute will conduct studies and consultations, particularly with the study of economics and related issues, including input for policy makers. He founded the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics and worked in different countries, including Ethiopia. Dr. Tewodros has served for more than ten years in the Macroeconomic Economy of the Ethiopian National Economic Council and the Ethiopian Economic experts. Regarding the country’s current economic and related macroeconomic issues, Dr. Tewolde met Dr. Tewolda.

How are the current economic conditions of the country? Inflation has been a problem, and the shortfall in foreign currency has been a problem. What is the economy at large?

Dr. Tewodros-warge is a question. But when it comes to growth, the economy is slowly getting slower. Growth did not stop, it slowed down. The percentage growth is getting slower. This means that our development model is running low. We are in a position to doubt that we can travel longer distances with the direction of economic policy, which is coming along and growing.

What is this demo?

Dr. Tewodros: There are many realities that make this happen. One was the kind of growth we had. There is something we can say about the needs and aspirations. Depending on the type of growth. For example, in some countries, when they get oil or mineral, they are selling them and their growth is hastening. A new product is a growth product with the product. By increasing demand or by increasing personal and government spending, we call growth driven by demand. The previous government was thinking of this. The government is investing in so many things. Infrastructure, homes and so on. So, the government is spending a great deal. This later changes to the side of the presentation. Because the government is inexpensive, the government thought that money would be converted into agricultural and industrial investment as it was a lot of money. But he can not cross over here. In fact, the investment has been over. A way of financing it has wreaked havoc on the market and macroeconomy. It is acknowledged that it is not at this stage that it is more likely to generate growth. In the kingdom, the economic condition of the economy is shown. This is basically.

The way the approach has come so far and the question arises, what the next step should be. Now what’s the next thing to do if the head of the ruling government is seen as transitory? What should be done to return to the economy after the economy recovers? How can you keep it growing?

Dr. Tewodros is not just about to continue growing. On the contrary, it has entered some cornerstones and distorted the market. Because it was made for too much. The distortion of the market makes it impossible to invest on both sides of the market – both in terms of supply and demand. Or continues to grow in the supply chain. He will complete his good will. So it is necessary to treat this illness. What you are reading is what sums up what you have written and summed it up. There are some foreign currencies, foreign currencies, and so on. This is what the government has been trying to maintain and financing, as well as the ways in which the balance of money and money has been used to balance macroeconomic outcomes.

How could the government go about the way the macroeconomic approach works?

There are many reasons why Dr. Tewodros-Macroconomy has doubts. One way in which the disturbances were created was the National Bank, with great care and unprecedented borrowing. This ‘Credit Advance’ is a loan. This loan is equivalent to releasing new money into the economy. New money came out of the economy and brought the price. He brought a fixed price of anxiety to the people without ceasing. When the price goes, people will be uncomfortable. This can lead to long-term investment. Considering the uncontrolled complexity, you can avoid prolonging your long-term planning. So you can work in short-term, low-income areas. For example, you can take your construction. It is worth noting that I can put it on my own. If you make a machine that does not make a purchase because you have something inconvenient, you might be in the mood of thinking that it would be better. The potential of the money is less than that. The people you’re referring to do not have to invest in agriculture and manufacturing. The second is related to foreign currency. When the government invests, the money has to end on something. The money is spent on the products we produce in this country or the imported goods. If the expense is to be spent on imported goods, the import will increase.

      Therefore, it collects all the foreign currency and collects it for itself and wants to buy a private investor. Such a way leads to high foreign exchange losses. The increased demand for foreign currency will increase as the investment grows. Exterminatory demand may mean a shortage of demand. This means that we will reduce our competitiveness with other countries.

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