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The mother of the Cina

Like the cloak, the slender skin is covered with cloves. From the shoulder to the bottom, the fins were scratched. Blue, yellow, green, red, white, black, brown color are the gestures of the kabir. As it moves, it is likely that it is broken with the dark skin of the spectator. They put an ornamental necklace in their necks, with collars and necklaces that glide down to their necks. They put down another monogram-like jar on the nails, which they hang on their necks. They have been drugged with cloaks made by the house. They top with a black top and a hinge on top. All around, they are decorated with straw-shaped ornaments, both on the left and right and in the back of the straps. Mothers and grandparents, whose mothers and grandparents left unfinished clothing and decorations, made a round of elephants at Shawle, about 45 kilometers southwest of Shashemene, after which they took turns reciting various melodies.

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When they reacted to the challenge, they responded to the song of praise. This dance will catch up with the dancers and dance with their traditional dancing. The song is a message that has made our prayers seem happy.

The bandwidth and composition will change together as the bandwagon changes. When two people sang in circles, two men would go in and go downstairs. The one with which they stood stood to the left and the other to the right. In order to calm the conflict and to solve other social problems, it is supported by the slinging of the staff on their shoulders. Moving to the left and right they will put their shoulders to the left. The hair looks like a long, gradual, dark color, with their dark fingers ringing in their heads and swinging their cheeks while singing cheerleading songs. Their quicksanders even mask the stranger’s stranger.

They are not tired of singing in this traditional dance. They have never been in pain with their enamel, porcupold, cheeks, milk and butter. They sang all the songs you know. When they finish, they will sing and dance again. This is because thanks to their social problems, they are enjoying and enjoying a better day.

They are married women. When you marry a woman who gives you a straight throat, a sturdy, hard-to-eat tree of the unprocessed plant. Barr, a symbol of this peace-loving gift of a daughter, as a gift-giving daughter, lives with her. The upright rod of Haroras, a symbol of equality and unsteadiness, is itself an unmistakable justice. The ceremonial culture of Sinai is common in the areas of Gigi Zone, Borneo, Ballet and West Arsi Zone in Oromia.

As the disputed locality sounds, the Hd Saunas call their roars and shout, as the mothers call. Others who heard the cheerleader in the area were chanting and chanting. “The shout cheers, we combine our hands and hearts together and we hears the tone,” he said. It is unthinkable to cross the threshold of the barbarians between the barbarians. The tiny rod that flares over you is the power to quench its flames. Because it is disregarding the cultural value of the Qur’an, it is with the community that it is incomprehensible. So, honoring mothers, if anything wants to live together with the community, does not cross over. For he will receive justice, and will keep himself calm in his anger.

The Hades Cynes grabs their heads while the abductors arrive and the problem is solved. The tune of peace is only after peace is gone. It is important to remember what their role in the Oromo Conflict is to alleviate the conflict between Oppama and OLF before the month before and how influential the role of the curtains and the Red Shirts. Hades Synes has taken off its role as a thug to harass the prevailing dispute over some of the cities in the region. Syntyche, part of a systematic system of regimes, is a symbol of the rule of l

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