Fasil Melanchality, the Sunrise Farmers Union Cooperative Marketing Associate, said, “We have a mix of knowledge and science with the farmers.

The sixth National Cooperative Societies Exhibition, Bazaar and Symposium are held from February 1 to 6, 2011. At the Exhibition Center. At the symposium, cooperatives from all regions of the region and regional cooperative agencies participated. Cooperatives, which have a major role to stabilize prices in the country, have brought their products to the market at a fair price. Trade unions’ offices in Oromia, Amhara, Tigray, South, Benishangul, Dire Dawa, and other locations have also introduced their services. One of the participants is one of the cooperatives affiliated to the Saharan Pea Cooperative Societies Cooperative, located in Kondor Kebele, Gondar, in central Gondar Zone of central Gondar Zone. Fasil Masters is a marketing professional. Mercy and mercy touched the Society.

The Reporter Association of the Federation of Peasants (FGD) is well-known in Gondar. What service did you make?

Fasil-SUN AYUU is doing a lot of work. And one of the so-called Unions in the country is the sausage, the green spinach. The association is engaged in a wide range of outreach activities, except for exchanging foreign currency. It plays a major role in stabilizing the market and improving the market. We work mainly on teff. Teff Working Together with the Basic Cooperatives We are also benefiting the community from the farmers.

How are you doing with the basic cooperative societies?

Fasile: We have 135 basic cooperative societies in the 12 woredas. We are creating an arrangement for exporting, exporting, exporting, exporting, exporting and exporting at home. We are also linking with the co-operative associations to connect with the regional associations in the Gondar region.

Excerpts: Price is a social problem. How much can you say to help solve this problem?

Fasile-Sunset Union founded in 1992 The capital is 2500 birr in two woredas. It currently has about 61 million birr capital investment. The association did not just sell and sell produce. By adding value to products, especially on oil production, As regards oil, we have finished preparations to produce ten thousand liters a day in order to produce oil, nuts and soy sauce. We have not only been able to distribute and distribute our produce, but we are also working to fill the gap in the country. As far as we know, we have heard that the farmers’ community is facing a cholesterol problem. We think that the problem with the health, quality and quantity of oil will be a problem.

How can you support the farmers to improve?

Mr. Fasil provides inputs to produce quality products, capacity building training, transport and warehousing services. We provide career support and support to the farmers in terms of dividing dividends. The farmers are getting better quality. Verification of the quality is from the co-operative union of below. We buy the best in quality. We will also issue quality standards to the core cooperative associations. We also help mold molds and other problems. I’m producing the organic sesame oil that protects flavonoids.

The Reporter: When the life of the farm raises a lot of money, it is usually because of the fact that the house is up, and it is about eating enough to school. But he did not have to get rid of his knee. More cattle than pastoralists are being harvested by cattle. Their children are being driven into the city. What will you do to help improve agriculture, and to help children learn about their surroundings and to help them grow?

Fasil-SUNION is a farming organization that has a plan. When the farmer was living with oxen, he spent the time with his knee. Living in a traditional farm also has a negative impact on the quality of the produce. Thus, we have begun to take samples in the triangle in three circuits: Cyprus, Gondar and Afro. As a society, we have a lot of ways in which we can work together with young entrepreneurs. We are introducing basic cooperative societies in the local area. We are trying to get the farmers to finish the 10th or 12th grade because the farmer has his own management, his own property, and his own money keeper. We also understand learning materials for students who are unable to work in the neighborhood. We are working to reduce unemployment by employing employers to hire basic societies. Most of the 135 Cooperative Associations are led by a hired labor.

The reporters have said that they are beneficiaries of the benefits of their production. The coming of Cooperative Associations is said to be beneficial to the farmers. How much does the Sun Union benefit the local farmers? What are the social responsibilities?

Mr. Fasil-Wassa We are working to produce the best production of the farmer. In the social service, we have not done much to support students who are unable to support educational materials. But we are compelled to do the work. For example, we are working with other agencies to help them understand and assist with the problem of drinking water. We have gotten a lot of work with foreign buyers to gain access to the market to ease the water problem in Balisi in the east.

What is the production of the most commonly produced locally?

Mr. Fasil: The main crop of our company is teff. Cereals from sesame seeds, sesame seeds from spices, sour cream and black cumin. We send spinach and sesame to the export market.

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