Investigation into the crash site of Ethiopian Airlines

A French explorer in Paris is investigating the Boeing 737-8 Max Airport plane crash.

The accident occurred on Monday, March 2, 2011. Ethiopian Aviation authorities have decided to take the information box to France, if the US National Transportation Safety Board and UK Emergency Loan Brokers request to take the search box to the site of the accident.

The Ministry of Transport and the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority have selected the French Bureau of Conservation and Anesthesiology (BEA). Chief of the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, said the Colonel and the Bureau of Emergency Analysis, Amadai Fenta (Colonel), will leave the information box on Wednesday, April 5, 2011. The Reporter told The Reporter that the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Paris to Addis Ababa was overnight.

The Ethiopian delegation traveled to the Liberian headquarters in Luberi Airport (Paris Second Airport) on Thursday morning. The Bureau of Investigation An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 plane crashed in Beirut in 2010.

US National Safety Board advisors announced that they had resumed their search for Paris.

The information box has two parts: the first is the CVR, the first to record the flight recorder, the second flight record of the flight recorder (FDR). The voice recorder intercepted the communication between the pilot and the flight control tower air traffic controller, and the dataset records the flight, speed, and speed of the plane before the disaster.

Ethiopian Airlines announced that it had entered the Information Box on Thursday morning. The inquiry office indicated that the authorities had asked the Ethiopian authorities to investigate the attack, prompting the Ethiopian authorities to provide any information.

According to Article 13 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the plane crashed in the Ethiopian airspace, and it was identified as the Ethiopian Bureau of Consumer and Emergency Preparedness (OCHA) headed the disaster investigation. The Office of the Transport Ministry, which was previously commissioned by the International Civil Aviation Authority, was previously required to be removed from the Authority for the purpose of neutralizing the Air Patrol Prevention and Control Unit administered by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority.

According to a surveyor, the French Bureau of Narcotics Bureau (ORA) investigators will transmit and record data from the data collection box and flight information memorandum. The investigators will work on Friday, March 6, 2011. The international media reported that flight attendance was in good condition, but the record was damaged. An airplane accident investigator who spoke to him said that there was a way of recovering data from memory chips.

“I do not have any information about how damaged the device is. The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority’s Air Traffic Control Monitoring and Air Traffic Control Authority has said that the operation of the Air Traffic Control Tower, which is being damaged evenly, has been carried out in the construction of the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. . Although the information provided by the data sheet is critical to the accident investigation, others have provided important hinting of the data collected from the site.

According to the four-phase investigation of the crash, the experts are about collecting, analyzing, concluding, and recommending the first report, in three months, and the final report will be released a year later.

The day after the disaster, several countries including Ethiopia, including the Boeing 737 Max Airplanes, stopped working for some time, Boeing and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said there was no credible data to take action.

But Wednesday, March 4, 2011 After US President Donald Trump announced that he had decided to stop the use of Max Airplanes, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered that the Max Plane be stopped. He said the action taken was based on information obtained from the crash site of the Ethiopian Air Maxx aircraft and information on the accident.

Boeing expresses its recommendation to the Federal Aviation Administration as saying that Boeing will support the move. US and Canadian aviation inspectors have recently discovered that the information we have received indicates that there has been a similar accident on the Ethiopian Airlines B737-8 Maxx plane and in October last year in Jakarta, Alabama.

As the aviation experts have pointed out that the plane has been linked with a flight control program, the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 has been ordered to return to Addis Ababa by air.

Following the flight ban, a total of 371 MAX aircraft have been stopped, of which 100 are in China. Ethiopian Airlines has ordered the delivery of 30 Max Airplanes from the Bay of Bengal to six stop flights, one failed and five stopped.

It has been revealed that 80 of the 110 aircraft have been operated by Boeing. At the same time, Ethiopian Airlines, from other US engines and communications equipment and aircraft aircraft, totaled 21 billion USD

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