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More than 100 thousand new recruits were requested from the Federal Government in Gede Zone

Seriously, many victims of starvation have become increasingly depressed

It raised a question on officials from the federal level to the zone

The National Disaster Risk Management Coordinating Commission (UNA) said it had received 10,321 new rescuers from the southern region of Gujji Zone in the Ogama region and Gede zone of SNNPR. According to the Commission, the Commission provided daily aid. The Minister of Peace and the Commissioner on Friday, March 6, 2011 You are going to the area of ​​Gideon.

Over the past three years, more than 900,000 casualties have been recorded in both the Gedeo zone, especially in the neighboring conflict zone. In particular, the damage in the Gedeo area has been widespread, and victims have been exposed to severe famine because of the closure of victims’ homes and food supplies and other relief supplies.

Especially in the social networking sites, many of the mosquito-damned babies and babies have been trafficked into the state, and some have started campaigning for a “Gedeo people” campaign.

However, the National Risk Management Committee March 1, 2011 There were 54,864 new victims, as well as March 3, 2011. Public Relations Director of the Commission, Ato Debebe Zewe, told the Reporter that 48,357 new additional victims were provided within 48 hours of the request to provide emergency food aid to the SNNPR. According to Doubbe, 200 quintals of biscuit, 200 quintals of flour, 200 quintal peanuts and 2,000 liters of oil have been delivered to the region, and that 35 per cent of the beneficiaries have been transported, giving birth to 200,000 quintals of food. ”

However, it was suggested that the monthly food aid was provided by non-governmental organizations. It has been said that it has regularly supported the World Food Program with over 208 thousand people permanently benefited from the Gede Zone Zone.

While the World Food Program and non-governmental organizations participate in the relief effort, the widespread famine in Gedeo has resulted in global condemnation and criticism across the country. The international media have justified this. The head of the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said the lack of attention to human affairs has led to the arrest of and arrest of mothers and children exposed to horrible famine in such areas as Gideo, but the Commission can not do anything except in the absence of questioning, he said. However, he said that he would provide the necessary support within 72 hours of the request.

The government also argued that it had the capacity to reach and support the victim. Previously, more than ten million drought victims have received more than 16 billion birr from government spending, he said, adding that the government has allocated $ 346 million in the first quarter of this year to support more than 8.3 million drought relief projects in the country. The government has prepared to support more than five million drought victims in 8.3 million outbreaks, the World Food Program and non-governmental organizations have agreed to support over three million victims of conflict and hunger. In Ethiopia, more than 2.7 million people have been recruited in the camps as a result of civil strife.

The Southern Regional State (GERDO) has asked for a copy of the website of the Gedeo Woreda for damaging the devastating famine caused by the widespread famine in the area, which was submitted to the public on Friday, March 6, 2011. No response until evening. Neither did the efforts to telephone the director of South Ethiopia Peoples’ Regional Command Secretariat, Mr. Amaru Aman. Even though President-elect of Peace and the Chairperson of the Southern Ethiopia People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM), Ms. Mouphirat Kamil, have complained of hijacking from the helicopter to the Gedo Zone.

According to Lawyers, although the federal government has been denied access to support, it is not always the right reason. The power of regions and self-governing rights, serious violations of human rights, and problems arising in conflicts and misunderstandings in the two regions, provide the federal government with the necessary support and assistance.

In the meantime, he said, the activities undertaken by the Geda Zone in the social networking sites to support the mobilization of funds and the opening of accounts for disbursements are inadequate. “The activity is inappropriate,” said Abebe, “it can affect the local people’s attention and the way of communal assistance, and the lack of proper operation of the funds is inappropriate.”

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