Political Parties Treaty: New Wine in Old Nails

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is the chairperson of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and will remain a full year for the prime minister of the country. March 24, 2010 The prime minister promised to make the political space a major milestone for the people of the House of Peoples’ Representatives at the time.

At that time, the political and political parties and organizations operating in different countries called on them to engage in peaceful political struggle, and promised that their government would also pledge to support the daily activities of their organizations.

Following the call of the Prime Minister and the peaceful struggle, various political parties are moving to peacefully returning home from various African, European and American nations.

Among the parties who came home were formerly known as the Oromo Liberation Front, the Gendarmerie Ginbot 7, and the Ogaden Liberation Front, which were drafted by the House of People’s Representatives.

Many of the organizations that carried out their political activities in foreign countries were active in the fight against armed struggle, but when they entered the country, they agreed to abandon their armed robbery tactics and move in peacefully.

Although the points of agreement for the returnees of the state and kingdom have not yet been disclosed, the returnees have not yet been allowed to work in the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NLF), which is licensed and registered in accordance with the laws of the country, carrying out their political activities and gathering their supporters .

Prime Minister Abu Naji has repeatedly stated that it should work to align the party’s movements, emphasizing the need for a system that will allow the parties to agree and where the playing field is to be used to play the role of the board.

By the middle of November, when the coalition of opposition parties gathered for half-hour, the prime minister emphasized the importance of further discussions between the ruling party and the opposition.

In addition, the prime minister said that the number of political parties would not be banned for the country, and that political parties could play a significant role in the construction of the market economy and democratic order, so that the government would be able to support the ” They knew that he was ready to do so.

The Board of Directors has begun discussion with various political parties in order to fulfill its responsibilities. The parties have asked the parties questions that we have, and discussions have been held between them.

Although the talks and talks were taking place months earlier, the whole process of negotiations and procedures was not concluded until the last week.

The Board of Directors proposes to the board that the political parties who are demanding a response to a variety of proposals are not included in the election, and that the questions raised from the constitutional amendment to the next election, as well as the many problems they face, have been drafted by the Board.

In all of these processes, however, arrangements for conducting next rounds of discussions and discussions were difficult for the parties to formulate a consistent system of procedures and guidelines.

Finally, the parties will be on Thursday, March 5, 2011. He signed a protocol that governed the relationship between the political parties and the activities of the Prime Minister in the presence of the Prime Minister.

The documentary document, which came through numerous exchanges, was organized in three parts and twenty chapters, according to political parties that participated in the upcoming political party.

Following the signing of the Covenant, different parties are presenting different opinions, with the number of parties increasing to 107, which has attracted many attention.

Part of the number of parties is one of the highest numbers, with the number of people in the country counting up to the point of Alzheimer’s, and it is also a source of inspiration for some.

According to this, the party, the Believer National Movement (Father) of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (AB), is the base of 107 political parties. “But despite this, political parties are as good as possible as far as wealth, resources, knowledge, and perpetuity are concerned. We are ready to work in close association with all political parties in different national and multilateral issues like the Father. “

Similarly, the chairman of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EPP), Chane Kebede, commented that the number is still high and future challenges are likely to be difficult.

“As a general rule, 107 political parties are not. It does not, however, hold on the direction of future aspirations for government as a rival to the general political movement. Even if even a local party meets with the local voice and has a representative position, the government can not get the sound that it can produce. In light of this, the weakness is stronger than the strong side:>

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