The unproductive bees and honey

Honey for sale to be used as a cure for a variety of diseases, the aroma and squash of honey, but the mascara’s scratches made it look like a snake, and they turned it like a snake. There is almost no one to scream at his feet, with no clumsy baby.

Beyond the role of beekeeping in the area of ​​food security, it has seemed to have forgotten that it had forgotten its existence in the area of ​​environmental science. As CNN reports show, bees fly across thousands of miles, squeezing and sinking one of them. 71 out of 100 types of food that cover the world’s nutritional needs are made by beans. Nowadays, widespread edible fruit and vegetables, especially cherries and oysters, play an important role in keeping the bees alive.

This is a rare case in Ethiopia, while the western part is focusing on increasing the benefits of mushrooming more than honey, the chairman of the Ethiopian Bullion Board and the owner of Beza Mar Agro Industry and the Manager, Haile Gebregziem Demessie. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture said that the preparation of beekeepers has contributed significantly to the productivity of the honeybee, contributing 15 times more to the productivity of the honeybee than in the case of climate change and forest degradation.

Additionally, damage to beehive chemicals is on the heels of poison and pesticides. He also said chemicals that are used for pesticides and pesticides are hurting the nets. Climate change, forest degradation, and chemical dyes show that the bee colonies in the world are gaining momentum.

In the US Only 44 percent is anticipated from 2015 to 2016, while 17 percent of UK volumes in the same year account for CNN’s loss of 17 percent. It has the capacity to lower the natural chain of growth that can be attributed to the negative effects of germination on bark. France, which has been focusing on the matter, has prohibited its import of anti-pesticides and pesticides from entering the country.

To this end, it is important to check the options available to work on agricultural crops and honey. Beyond the production of the symposium honey bee, the role of potassium in the process of ensuring food security has been highlighted. On the stage where individuals who are able to keep their fingerprints from various parts of the world and embark on honey harvests in Ethiopia, have announced that they have used the beekeepers in the food chain. Antiperspirants and pesticides have been requested to be treated in a manner that is not harmful.

All over the world, sorghum has been the focus since the beginning of procurement, and if properly managed, it is possible for the economy to be economically viable for foreign economies such as sesame and coffee. The honey contains a very small amount of water that contains a chemical compound that inhibits the production of a barium hydroxide. Honey is the most important health and nutrient element in the body, and it is not only a diet but also a medicine. It regulates blood pressure, body cholesterol levels, diabetes and heart health. More often than not, it can also replace antimicrobial drugs. Honey is a proven natural remedy that can cure wounds in the body. It is also used as a primary ingredient in beauty products.

  According to Ato Ashesus Gekokan, general manager of the Ethiopian Honey and Waste Manufacturers Association, there are various types of honey in Ethiopia: the composition of the produce and the composition of the biological diversity will differ in color and content. The northern part of Ethiopia, especially in Samet, and in the area, is dried with milk like milk. Middle Eastern parts of the Middle East are yellow or golden. In the lower part of the Ethiopian part, the rare honey is often produced. There are also areas where brown rice is widely used.

According to his description, the best known milk is the white honey produced in Tigray in the north of Ethiopia. The price goes up from the others, and sells it in Kyobo to 500 birr. This honey is said to be the best of health. Their medicinal herbs Among the selective types of honey are the leeks and pineapple. Yellow and orange juice honey lovers prefer it.

It is their experience to have a cross-breed of crocodile in the hollow of the hive. The community has a special love for Honey, but it is also reflected in the songs. There are many theories that show that Hannah is a symbol of goodness, a pleasure and joy. The country’s honeymoon landscape has been characterized by biodiversity.

Ethiopia is one of the highest levels of colonization in the world. A peacock has more than 100 thousand beehives in a hive, including hundreds of dwarfs called the King’s Nest. More than 20,000 are found in a colony and more than 80,000 females. There are ten million cashew nuts in Ethiopia, called the “Apollo Colony”.

This has led Ethiopia to become the world’s leading producer of honeymoon and to be the first of its kind in Africa. More than 550 thousand tons of honey is produced per year. The sector, however, has been concerned with the fact that the country’s annual honey production is only 64 thousand tons. Even so, it is not less depressing than the 25 percent share of the annual share of honey in Africa.

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