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Will the government be doing justice at the transition?

“The country has been plagued by the times of the present, and we have now come to a time of change before the suffering of the people. So, the government’s answer to the people’s question is not only its liking but also its mandate. It is a means of tolerance, a people who are just and unjust. “

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is in touch with current affairs on Thursday, November 6, 2011. It is a press release that was released tonight.

The Prime Minister’s statement follows the recent arrest of senior federal prosecutors and the Federal High Commissioner for the arrest of high-ranking officials suspected of being involved in government security structures, as well as large voluntary confinement by government troops.

Federal High Commissioner, Berhanu Tsegaye, said last week that he has described the law enforcement process.

Accordingly, the suspects have been charged with violating the government’s policies and violations of the human rights abuses against civilians, coordinating violence in different parts of the country, and excluding government officials from the government and the public. Friday, November 7, 2011 Twenty-two suspects have been detained in the legal proceedings. Among the suspects arrested are 63 terrorist acts, 27 corruption, and 36 for human rights violations.

Individuals suspected of human rights abuses include the abduction of individuals from a political party, torture, ambiguous people, signing illegal drugs themselves, penalties for capturing skeletons, forestry, bonding with beasts, snooping on the nose, homosexual assault Prostitution, rape, and so on.

They are the leading metal and engineering corporation (METC) leaders who are suspected of being involved in high crime and have suspected economic damage caused by the government. The procurement was carried out with the high cost of the company’s top beneficiaries and blood-related brokers, indicating that the traffickers were out of their country’s wealth out of their wealth.

Prime Minister Abiyi said on the matter of justice and law enforcement.

“Our country should not have a housekeeper or a stepchild. It does not have to be two people who are free to spend billions and who need a buck and a bucket of food from a trash can. The law does not have to have two types of citizens who have been abducted and killed by the violence and the death of a foreign enemy.

Initially, the motive of enforcing justice and law enforcement was not only to punish the perpetrators and condemn the actions, but also to correct the conspiracy.

In a statement issued by the EPRDF Secretariat on the current state of affairs, he noted that the EPRDF leadership was deeply concerned over the perpetrators of the nation’s grievances and land degradation.

He further added that “our understanding of the process of change in our society has not always been possible, and we have made significant changes to the leadership and practices of the people. The moment of transformation is short, but the history and history of our country are of great significance. “It is the task of institutionalizing the institutional transformation of the national transformation, which is the focus of our organization,” he said.

In addition to promoting justice and law enforcement activities, the National Council, which has been working to strengthen democratic institutions and strengthen the laws, is drafting legal studies based on a prosecutor, according to lawyer Berhanu.

The Reporter’s Review of the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation, Civic Societies, the National Electoral Board, Media, and others are underway.

The Council of Ministers Thursday, November 6, 2011 At the meeting he announced that the National Bicameral Commission decided to establish the establishment of the establishment of the establishment of the establishment which was drafted by the House of Peoples ‘Representatives and decided to form a Commission of Inquiry and Proclamation for the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

The National Caving and Peace Commission of Ethiopia (NOC) has been shown to have a significant contribution to treating mixed emotions in the country through various social, economic and political conflicts over the years.

The Transparency and Misbehavior Commission, in a nationally and legally unrecognized state of affairs, and a controversial dispute between ethnic nationalities and ethnic minorities, is a neutral, professional, peaceful solution to those conflicts that are at the root of conflicts and uncertainties. It is described as a

 The latest developments in the above scenarios should be reflected in the generality of the transitional justice concept of the transitional justice sector, which is recognized by the United Nations Commission on Humanitarian Affairs, and the political crisis in the United Nations.

 Transition period justice and actions of the ENDP government

Transitional justice Transitional justice In times of crisis, people in past political crisis have been able to recover from mistreatment for political reasons, to bring peace and reconciliation among the people,

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