Karmagurah – Jigjiga Victory 41nd Year

ZekeMeMichel, Addis Ababa, 15 February, 28, 1970. He was watching for the political consciousness that he had given to young people on Sundays. The hall is full. The session was interrupted. The youth actor and programmer after the youth in the kebele, who is now an adviser, Benjamin Becca, said, “I have good news.” The hall was quiet. What would it be? And he reached his ear.

 “The heroic one of the revolutionary forces today has liberated the Somali invaders,” he said. Benjamin Mitchell, a young Ethiopian radio and television reporter for the Ethiopian radio and television station, told The Reporter.

Zimmars and the young man at the hall, left the hall dimming, “Wondering night, drowning, terror, deception.” At Karutai, in the 28th district of Kagnew Battalion, Kazanchis sings. “This is my dream for my Ethiopian mother before my own.”

Four decades ago, Ethiopia had fought war with the invading Somali army. Someday in 1969, the Somali leaders attacked Somalia’s “Somali” nightmare. It was in eastern Ethiopia that it was about 700 miles [700 km] long. It was during that time that the leader of the National Front of the Ethiopian Military Temples, the Archbishop of the Derg, Lieutenant Colonel, Hailemariam, the historic Mother’s Emergency Call on April 4, 1969. You provided.

The people were dressed in military uniform and on the radio at the radio for the invasion of Somalia. On the bulk of the Shamel’s love tragedy, we and the revolutionaries are summed up in this book.

“… Ethiopia is proud and honored. At the moment our revolutionary border is unshakable and invariably invaded by foreign forces. The aggression and shame of our revolution and our unity in our general rebellion has come to an end. The so-called legacy of our centuries-old dynasty should not have to tarnish the time in this revolutionary new generation. Now is the time to prepare for the destruction and invasion of the repercussions of Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, Ethiopians, wake up! Gather! Skip! Fight! We will win !! “

The chairman of the House, Hailemariam, was accompanied by a 300-thousand-year-old military (army) trained for three months by a three- In the modern era, with the Soviet Union along with the Soviet Union, they had dedicated lives to life, especially Cuban and South Sudanese troops, tens of thousands of abductors and perpetrators. We and the revolutionaries have historically been involved in this.

“The Cuban army has undertaken a crucial battle for over thirty thousand soldiers, trained by the General Staff of the Oromo People’s Militia, to seize control of the Somali army, under the alliance of Ogaden. She sent South Korean troops to join the Ethiopian forces to fight the Somali army. The Ethiopian Government sent a letter to General Petrove, General of the Soviet Army, Commander-in-Chief and Commander-in-Chief of the Ethiopian Army and Foreign Military forces, on the Ethiopian Government’s request. He appointed counselors in the divisional chambers. In this position, a large army, led by the commander-in-chief of the kingdom, was quickly assassinated by the Somali army and massacred the escaped soldier from Ethiopia. He has honored our limitations.

On December 15, 1970, the Somali Federal High Commissioner for the Prevention and Control of the Somali People’s Liberation Front (TOR) visited Harare and Kombolcha to take care of Harar and his doctors. Highly-Critical Bulk Billion. The Ethiopian and Cuban army also conducted two high-level raids on Fedei, which was stationed near Harar, near the Dire Dawa Airport and Textile Factory. In this recapture, the Colonel and Captain General of the Air Force (Captain General of the Air Force) were engaged in a brave position as a foot soldiers with a helmet. In this horrific time, they beat the enemy’s army in the air without hurting themselves.

And from the enemy they destroyed three thousand. More than 40 battles in the enemy, particularly in Dire Dawa, had huge volumes of heavy casualties, with a small fraction of light bullets and a partial loss of property. There have also been detonators in this flight. After the defeat of the Somali army, the postponement of the withdrawal took place before the main counter-insurgency launched.

“However, in February 1970, the Ethiopian and Cuban troops were planned as early as possible. They started their major counter-attacks. Releasing most of the Eastern Front, February 26, 1970 He released the strategically situated Karramana hill and its environs. February 27, 1970 Our objective was to liberate the city of Huggagal and its vicinity.

41st Anniversary

After the death of the Eritrean Deputy Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Piethan, including the General Staff of the Ethiopian Army, and other special guests, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Eid al-Fitr Hussein, It is a stupa of our battles and Einkabu Friendship Park.

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