Easter Victory Testing and Opportunity

“But if we ever come to Italy and every two hundred people who come to Italy every time, if you come up with all that,” he said.

This Emperor, Emperor Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia Emperor II Emperor Moses Eulg August 23, 1887 Founded in his letter, Paul came from a book that appeared on the issue of Monday, Menelik.

The war between Ethiopia and Italy was the beginning of the reign of Emperor IV of Jesus Christ prior to Menelik. Self-propelled shale prior to admission January 18, 1879 The conflict in Madagascar and the invaders will be destroyed. The European Descent of His Time Deteriorated, and Many European Countries Have Their Desire Successfully. Without Africa’s vast territories, Italy may have hunted Honduras to fulfill its ambition. The ineffectiveness of Italy’s dominance of the Italians has helped them to conclude the contractual agreement. These agreements took place 20 years after the arrest, and this agreement has become the centerpiece of the Adwa war. He was able to defeat the Ethiopian army by the war.

After the defeat of Adwa II, Menelik II rebuffed: “The Italians fought in Adar and fought against Adwa. But in spite of their abundance we do not consider myself in them over whom I have overstepped the blood of all those slain. “

This is February 23, 1888. The victory won a great deal of sacrifice. Many lost their lives, pouring out their blood and winning the bone from the bone. The victory has become the pride of generations. The victory is said to have been the start of a struggle for Al Jazeera, especially for the struggle against Black Bliss. Ethiopia celebrates this historic battle of Adwa every year. It is the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences that celebrated the 123rd Anniversary of its adoration.

Amen. Tessaite Art Center, February 2, 2011. He organized a memorial of the victory of Adwa. Professor Alemayo Ayalu, professor of history at the Addis Ababa University, presented an introduction to the discussion of the opportunities and challenges of the campaign.

Ethiopia was a key member of the three victorious victories defeated in the battle against Adwa. In the second half of the nineteenth century, despite the fact that there was an irregular movement, there were three invaders (Egypt, Dublin, Italy) in Ethiopia.

After Britain began to lead the Egyptians, Ethiopia accepted the unfulfilled agreement. Assistant Professor Professor, Alemayehu, has agreed that England has agreed to co-operate with AI John IV in the Adidas, and that the agreement in England is to shade the territory in Ethiopia, while Egypt is ruled by the Emperor.

The terms of the agreement are Ethiopia’s contract. This changed Egypt’s two enemies, allowing Britain to enter Italy through her autograph.

As it’s known, the Italians did not even think of coming from the northern hemisphere in the middle of the bush.

The struggle for creation of a Ethiopia was tested and the existence of the country was tested in Egypt, in the Fascists, and in Italy. The assistant professor had the first diplomatic test. Before Emperor before Emperor Yohannes and Menelik prior to the war, Italy was forced to tear down the Menelik lieutenants and keep the underlying contract five years.

“If the Ethiopian or Italian government wants to improve the underlying terms, it should notify us five years ago,” he said.

According to Ato Abera, the arrival of Ras Mekonnen arrived in Rome. The reception was disturbing. Because they have signed an interpreter without their interpreter. The contract says, “The boundary between Italy and Ethiopia is not as simple as footsteps.”

On the other hand, before the Adwa war, Ethiopia was hosting a famine that had not been famed for many years, with the fact that the plague of cattle was plagued by the plague of daw from the Dharma, and after the swarms of swarms of herds,

Another was a shortage of gunfire, and a small amount of gunfire has been used as a counterfeit.

Although the Ethiopian rifle was enough, the bullet was not sufficient. To deal with that, Menelch bought 5,000 Italians from the Italians, and bought 800,000 pieces of bullets. In addition, the head of the self-defense force created a way to buy gold from Harar. For example, from England, Arabian people received some shots in Eden, but were defeated by the United States. And if France was asked to do so, she would lose her will. The battle of Adwa was a two-day battle (Ambaaggala and Adwa) who did not use the same bullet.

At the discussion forum, six opportunities are presented. Among them were the 75,000 troops in Ethiopia and 14,000 war fighters from Italy. Medium division of the army is said to be high.

The number of fire engines and mortars was 42 from Ethiopia and 60 in Italy, and the number did not escalate to Ethiopia’s victory. He explained that the Ethiopian army was a sword-fighting force during the war. It is said that 75% to 80% of the Ethiopian army is a warrior, and the rest is used to carry snake and related tasks.

Knowing the system of war was another opportunity for Ethiopia to be victorious. It was also explained that the generation at the time had grown up in war and raised in war.

The lack of an enemy and the position of the site does not match the Italian army’s ambition.

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