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Ethiopia, April 4, 2011 The annual Child Reading Conference took place at Sheffield new hotel. The four main themes of the conference were: promotion of reading literacy, professional education for library growth, national literacy books and their tests and efforts to introduce Ethiopian reading culture.

Among the presentations, Western writers have learned from the experience of their ability to read their children. In addition, Mrs. Rolle Garage and Mr. Mengistu Gauthier have partnered with the participants in the organization.

The Ethiopian Riders is excited to learn that children are learning to read books other than books. The director of the organization, Reporter, told The Reporter that he has built libraries in more than 70 schools in all elementary schools to help raise children’s reading habits. He added that training for librarians was not enough, he added that he gave training to teachers, teachers and school authorities. It also distributed over 100 thousand books in different languages ​​in 23 subjects to 300 schools.

Although Ethiopia is still working well, it is a platform to work with all stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education and all stakeholders, to ensure that the organization is not enough to work in the country.

Former partner of Ethiopian Repsa, Mengistu-Gatti, said that reading sessions were mostly for adults, but did not say that it was a good start for children’s knowledge-calling conferences.

Gates said the education system so far is not the focus of literacy, writing, writing, but not the wisdom of intellectual property.

“Notifying children when they are looking for children will be left unattended, but teaching a knowledge of how to know how to know how to do it will always make people search for books,” he added.

Among the participants, Daniel Wewu, who is best known for his childhood book, “The Tudor,” wrote various children’s books, noting that other types of books, such as fiction and fiction, were not available in the library.

Daniel explained that the government, private companies, community, and all the neighbors are the solution.

Ethiopia Ruts 2002, a foreign charity institute established in Ethiopia, which is designed to provide all children with a chance to grow physically and mentally and to grow strong and confident in their teaching.

In addition, parents play a strong role in supporting their child’s learning through reading culture, teaching and improving education. It has been working for the students for the past sixteen years as a primary objective of creating a place that adds to the curriculum of reading and writing.

The head office is owned by the US Minneapolis Minnesota State Department, and a number of foreign volunteers support the organization with funding and knowledge. Since its establishment in Ethiopia, it has been working on various education and library-oriented projects in the nine regions, Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa cities.

Read the “Read Ethiopia”

Ethiopia Revised contains some of the key tasks that it accomplished. It has opened its own school in the suburbs of South Sudan with no schools, as well as opening its school in the suburb of Aklafa, Shuruha Akdagga, opening education to poor families, paying school expenses, providing students with school supplies, providing technical and other capacity building training for teachers and giving teachers access to education. By providing facilitation and covering costs, some have been unable to attend school for some of the countries in the South and Oromia regions with access to non-literacy services. Confront five thousand years, made it possible for children with reading books in the horse beyemeniderechewi with the help of men. Opening of public schools and public libraries in Hawassa and Addis Ababa is being used as a service to local communities, and with the government and other partners, it is building libraries in more than 70 primary schools throughout the region since its inception.

It has so far supported more than 130,000 students, teachers, and other school community to support education and reading-based programs.

The company has done a number of jobs, especially in the early stages of child development. Since the establishment of the project, much of the project focuses on children, and has made more than 300,000 local and foreign books available to children and students.

The books that the company previously published included books such as mummelo, apricot, peanut, buffalo, elephant, and chickpea, a lilacabee bee, and now read “100,000 copies of children’s books in English”, “Ready Set – Go” , Amharic, Afan Oromo, Sodomo and Dziem, has published and produced 22 titles for free for 30 schools in Addis Ababa, Hawassa, Sidama, Bahrain, Gondar, Dessie, Dire Dawa and Harari regions for students in Grades 1 to 4. He also said that he would continue publishing and evaluating the contents of the book and will continue publishing and distribution.

Ethiopia reiterates its vision for reading reading in Ethiopia with a number of stakeholders and continues to be one of the ethiopia.

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