The birthday of the refined national message

The Eastern Gorgonian Formula The Christians in the following countries had been celebrating thirteen days after Christmas. The following Eastern Europe’s recipe The Christians celebrated the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ in Yemen and Estonia.

Egypt, Ukraine, Georgia, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Israel, Belarus, Turkey, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Moldova, etc., are celebrated on December 29, according to their personal calculations on December 29 (Kyrgyz 29). The same day (Gorgorical formula, January 7), celebrated the same event.

Orthodox Christians in Russia (39% of the Orthodox Christians in Russia), eastern European countries and Middle Eastern churches are the following standard Julian calendar (formerly before the Commonwealth of Cayman Islands).

Some Orthodox countries including Greece, Cyprus and Romania of Julian Calrison. In 1923 they celebrated their birthday on December 25th.

Ethiopia’s sister, the church of Copenhagen, celebrated the 37th day of the 1735th anniversary of the birth of the Grand Canyel Cathedral in Cairo, the capital of the Egyptian capital of Addis Ababa, about 45 kilometers southwest of Cairo, where President Mahmoud Ahmad al-Cisi was present at the midnight celebration. Also on the new cathedral, he also gave a lecture.

In Russia every President, Vladimir Putin, has already arrived in the middle of the night at the Cathedral of Saint Petersburg in the city of Saint Petersburg. As a result of the legend, he marched to the church near the church.

Monday, December 29, in Lalibela, Ethiopia, where the celebration was celebrated. In all the churches of Ethiopia, the celebration of the night marks the end of the celebration, but in Lalibol, on the evening of December 29, the “Baza Kulu” festival was celebrated.

One of the eleven temples built around the area of ​​Bethamar, the song of Buzaku Kuli (world salvation), honors the bride by singing and dancing with the deities and deacones. The woman is celebrated by her husband, Melita and her husband in applause and applause.

The meaning of the celebration of Christmas in Lalibela is that grazing land and grazing on the ground. And those who are on the ground with the shepherds and maids are the angels.

The costume of the priests in the Buku Queh Shirts is different from the usual.

Teacher Alemayehu Haqe commented on this, saying, “Priests clinging to gold, silver, silk, purple, etc., will be stationed on the mosque. The legs of the chickens crossed in the middle, the cobblers, the chieftains, the headsets, the right and the left cobblers, the inside of the silk lace, the red jumper of candles (candles). On the left, silver bustle rests on a collar. With a right hand grip, he grabs a stick and stops. Other psalms and pods are built around the mound below me. Then they call themselves “Baja Qur’s World,” born “Today”. This is unchanging, unstoppable.

The Beacon Tulip Festival at Bethlehem

The number of pilgrims traveling from different parts of Ethiopia to Lalibella and the number of tourists from around the globe is high.

Thanksgiving lyrics of Lilama songs that were heard in Lalibela day.

“Honey, honey, honey

From my doorstep

Honey disappeared honey;

The bed is bed

St. Lalibela going to see you

They say, He is upright, say,

Your glorious glory

I have my mistress. “

They are bursting and shouting in thanksgiving, singing and praising the drummer. As the hippie singer continues to sing, the song has been sung.

<< Holy Lalibela Banner Gallery

The inside is green

St. Lalibela does not even have a knife

How did it ever do?

How can I get it? “

Leader messages

In the first place, leaders of Christianity and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed conveyed their message to the people and the community about the celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ.

His Excellency Bishop Abune Matias, Pope Patriarchate of Ethiopia, gave his advice to the Government and advised the public. He said: “We urge the government to engage in all the political forces, to ensure peace and unity of the country, to preserve the rule of law by preserving the security and peace of our people.

“We strongly insist on striving for national unity, respect for human rights, and respect for human rights, in general and especially in the younger generation,” he said.

Cardinal Birhanu Jesus, Archbishop of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, for his part said, “Peace is the primary guarantor of spiritual and physical activity. Every citizen must work peacefully above all else. Also, abusing racism and living apart in your country, you must live apart. Families must also raise their children by extortion and racial hatred. “

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, President of the Ethiopian Baptist Church, reminded, “In celebrating Christ’s birth, we must remember our sympathy, love and forgiveness. All of this is required to bring democracy, development and prosperity. “

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on his part said: “The Creator gave us a chance to grow our own country and to succeed ourselves. As we struggled like the church of Bethlehem, as we struggled with the smallest of the Jewish scholars, as we were dispersing the time, as the Pharisees and the Sadducees did, we did not miss the opportunity.

“Let’s use it as shepherds and pilgrims.

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