The day of the martyr

Fifty two years ago, Fascist Italy was sentenced to death in Addis Ababa on February 12, 2011. A six-kilowatt martial art is monitored. The day of the martyr’s day was commemorated by the Holy Trinity Cathedral in prayer in the year 1934 AD. It is the lodging of the skulls of the Martyrs in the cathedral.

Emperor Haile Selassie, 14th year, will celebrate his birthday on Thursday, October 23, 1937. At the foot of the new statue at the bottom of the new statue, which was chosen by the elite and patriotic mediators, the memorial is reminiscent of the Roman Empire. << The Holy Spirit of the Holy Ghost is for the sake of the multitudes of Ethiopians in Egypt and the Fascists in Ethiopia in the year of February … »

This patron sittings took place on February 12, 1929, in the hands of Italian Fascists. The memorial of the execution of a massacre of Ethiopians is described as stoning, biting, clinging, drunken driving, fireworks in their homes, and so forth. In the fourth year of the assassination, British Prime Minister Haile Selassie gave up his memorial service for the purpose of setting up the emperors to get rid of the dead.

Following is the footage of the 30th anniversary of the massacre of the 30th anniversary of the massacre in Addis Ababa by the Marshall Rodolfo Grazianis in the Fascist Italian Army.

He is cutting off his neck
Nack in a crab and kill someone
Burning a fellow with his house
Who is like a fascist man?
They killed our body and made it ready to bury it
Say no to this
Herein are the dead bodies witnessed.
Suffering and injustice of this great agony
He will remember him
Do not forget, we remember our race
We are suppose to be an enemy of Italy.
Supernatural attributes are fortunate
You have come to life in the power of the Trinity.

The Cemetery of the Martyr’s Monastery in the Holy Trinity Cathedral

Professor Sebastian Tset reported that “Ethiopia’s history from 1848 to 1966” In his published book, the February Fate of Italia Fascinated, published on February 12, 1929 it is. Two young Abu Dhabi and Gamal Ascomodo threw a bomb at a security guards in Grenada, and then stormed Addis Ababa. The Fascists, known for their “Black Shirts,” put the Addis Ababa abreast of the government for their courage. The head of humanity fell like a chicken. Watch houses with their residents. Pregnant women were abducted by Sanja. The first target of the massacre was educated Ethiopians. Particularly, the Black Lions were surrendering themselves to Brenda Amru after they were present at the city. This scholarly scape destroyed one generation, so that the history of the country’s political and intellectual history was overthrown.

Sentinel Gebremed, writer of “Eyewear Factor and February 12”, writes: “After three days of urban destruction, Ariana stepped on the feet of a fugitive from the fate of the foxes. The sky was opened to me so that I could go to heaven. I’ll see Jesus there. my pleasure. my pleasure. I’m so glad! ” The fascias say that you better listen to the best song, and sing their song “Duke Duke.” As the cumulative engine was up and running, the Camion got up and escaped. And the king made an attack on them; It will be 40 km from Addis to Holidays. When the town reached that station, the limb was attached to the camouflage, and the vehicle driver flew it out of the cabin and threw them to the dogs. And to knock at the door without my house, and to bring out the people out of that house, and to make all the people to stranger. Then middle-end.

“An eight-ton machine has trapped around us. There, they had a number of them in advance. Their corpses were locked up before us. And get ready to put us to death there. Join us to get our guns attached to our guns. A great commander comes in without returning to the fence. His politics was special. If the good intentions of the Fascists were to kill the children of their father and mother, then the bomb bombers would not have been left out, so the cummies took away the deadly defectors and went to the detention center. There were a great multitude of them in the Ark, as we headed out to the top of the five rows of holes from the shrine of St. George’s Trophy, where we had been thrown to arrest us. My saliva ceased. We took him to the prison. For the time being, they were in custody. “

In the footsteps of the President of the Addis Ababa University’s six-inch palace, celebrated in honor of the Prince of Nepal, the Hungarian physician Dr. Lodzos Savaa, a Hungarian physician who had been arrested by the then-fascist physician of Italy, wrote in the note ” “It read in the book:” … there was a mass massacre in the courtyard and immediately afterwards. … There was no survivors in the courtyard of the palace of the Emperor. The tragedy of the massacre was a trivial, embarrassing and embarrassment, since the massacre of the masses was the mother of the poorest of the elderly, the blind, the disabled, the poor and the poor. “

They had been rushed to the finish line of the car bombing of the Taliban, who had been shot and killed by the Taliban in Al-Qa’ni. Simon of Tiberias, the Fisherman of the Crucifixion, killed Peter Paul at the Roman Catholic cemetery.

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