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More than 50 million Ethiopians regularly claim teff, as well as food, as a gift from God.

Until 2008 To date, Ethiopia, with an improved, still-growing 42-tailed Tilapia seed, has grown on 3 million hectares of land every year.

Teff is for Ethiopians their food, traditions, traditions, and traditions. When it comes to Ethiopian traditional dishes, the bread of Teff’s baby food is inevitable in many parts of Ethiopia. Teff is also an exporter of Ethiopian food and culture for Ethiopia. Many people come from Africa, Africa, the Far East, and India.

The free-gliding teflon extracted from glutinous rice flourished out of Ethiopia. Although Teff has been living for a long time in Teotihuacan for bread, bakery, bananas, casseroles, dagoussi, sodas, he still has tartan dishes. It is also popular to find Tea Pizza, Cake and Bread, Pasta and Biscuit all over the outside world.

The ladies of ancient Israel also dreamed of mating their face and gum with mushrooms, as they use facial scrub, as they use face scrub, as they use scabs.

The Tseyen Mekonnen farmer, Teufo Miocene, is a family member of the Tea plant, which he described as “teal,” “white,” “white,” or “

<< Teff is ours. When I was a child, I heard that I was a mushroom, “said a farmer, Tesfaye, who has been growing 30 years after producing teff.

<< Teff is our own. “I remember when I was thrown out of the country, and I remember being thrown out,” Tesfaye said. He said he was forced to develop a quarter of a hectare of land for planting tefts. Describing their growing tufts as they were in their youth, they now say that they are being replaced by modern-day “kosher”.

Tesfaye Teff is no other answer than the “us”. Teff is not one of the other countries who says that Teff is not your own, but they say, “No, this is what I inherited from my ancestors.”

Since 14 years ago, Teff ownership has not been recognized as a Dutch organization for the benefit of the Ethiopian people, and have not chosen scholars and researchers in the field of agriculture and forestry. Temporarily, when she is convinced that ownership of Teffle is Ethiopia. Despite their fruitless years of struggle, Tea ownership has been the home of the Dutch company The Health and Nutrition Food International, Netherlands, Austria, England, Belgium and Italy.

Loss of ownership, as it is not clear to most of the Ethiopian farmers that the dairy farms and teffs are basic food sufferers, are saying, “We have to fight back when we return the seed of Teff.

The years ago, the company took out a five percent payment to the Tea Subtitles to assist the Tea Research Institute, the Ethiopian Institute for Biotechnology and the Agricultural Research Institute to support the research of Teff, in order to provide experts, scholarships and teff prices in Europe.

However, he did not think about it, but did not think that the company had gone to Ethiopia for years. He also had the right to own the tephthalmic species known as Adi and Hanana Tesfay from the European Patent Office.

Over the years, efforts have been made to restore the right of ownership of Tea Company in the Netherlands. used to. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Agricultural Research Institute, the Biotech Conservation Institute, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the Intellectual Property Office have decided to return Teflon rights to Ethiopia.

The decision to renovate the contaminated milk sector, take action against diplomatic action, and take action against public campaigning has been announced and the international mediation decision has taken place as the Tea Own Owner of Tefila.

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