Capital Markets and Business Risks

It is one of the stock market stalls in Ethiopia, where it has been a long way from staggering years of political turmoil.

Today, 200 countries have developed a capital market. However, the CEO of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association, Asfachew Tesfaye, noted that Ethiopia has one of the 40 largest stock markets in the world. About 60 years ago, the worldwide capital market or share market of Ethiopia was launched. This is set out Thursday, March 5, 2011. The Stock Exchange of Thailand on the Stock Exchange of Ethiopia in the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations.

Ethiopia has not been able to advance its capital market but has not been able to further modernize the market and improve its economy, he said.

Stocks that share stockable stock companies started in Ethiopia in the late 1930s and early 1940s. This followed in 1952 The Ethiopian Business Law went out. Metfone financial expert, Jesus JAMAD Wood, recalled the establishment of stock companies, where they can be managed, managed, and transferred from one share company to another.

As regards the expansion of the stock corporations and the desire to buy the stock of the public, at the time, it was called the “Bank of the Ethiopian Government”, which was established in 1952. A stock exchange was also set up. In addition to other formalities, it is a non-formal part of the market, with the help of other financial institutions and individuals, including the Share Dealing Group, in the context of the stock market and the market situation. This group in 1957 Established until 1966 Despite the governmental change in Ethiopia, the role of the movement and institutions has been hampered by the change in Ethiopia. Ato Jesu-Gold said that the Ethiopian commerce law has been banned from being enforced by the law at its 15th year.

Ethiopia did not survive the acquisition of the capital market. The EPRDF, which controls the Derg regime and the free market that controls the economy, is now in the position of capitalizing the capital market. Haile Gebreflower, said that 20 companies were involved in the sale of stock in the market, adding that they were involved in buying and selling stock in the country’s capital market. However, “when the Derg came, everything stopped. We lost our money, “he recalls. The market, however, said that if it had continued, it would have happened.

Demand for the market, with market capitalization of 19 trillion dollars a year over the world market, and market deficits in Ethiopia because of the lack of market capability, analysts argue, the capital market is a myth that the capital market is no longer viable in Ethiopia.

From the historical point of reference, he pointed out that the existence of the market today is important to Ethiopia. Meles believes that stock market needs to be established to create a modern marketing system and to strengthen the private sector.

According to Ato Jesus, gold has been made in efforts to create a capital market in Ethiopia by way of the presidency of the Ethiopian and Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce led by the president. He said that the World Bank, the World Bank and other institutions were ready to support the study, with the support of the World Bank.

After the EPRDF came to an end, efforts to create a capital market could not be reached. He also mentioned that the government did not want to establish the market. Former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has said that it is a “casino” or “gambling”, indicating that the government has taken a stand against the market.

In his comment, Jesus said that gold was a contributing factor to the issue of opening up the market. The opening of the market is now open and the good news is that the new government administration is setting sail for the new government.

Mark Zuckerberg, a former shareholder of the stock market, is one of the capital sources of the market for the introduction of capital markets. To establish a business or to set up an established organization, the first question is where and how much capital is needed to set up or expand the company. Whether they can capitalize on the capital they need to start businesses in their private assets, when investors want to establish and expand a broad array of businesses, they are explaining that the most commonly used capital of a stock market in a number of countries is a stock of stock or convertible papers. He also said that market share is a major source of capital as the market will be the basis of the stock market.

Stocks are another advantage of investment, and it helps to develop a culture of savings. People’s participation makes it popular. “Stocks are open to buyers in a company and to all who want to become profitable and to benefit from the profit,” he said. Therefore, only a few private businessmen can control the economy and expand their wealth. “

As for the importance of capital markets, many share their stock market with the role of shareholding and the link between share buyers and buyers,

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