Mobile Property as a Mortgage Guarantee

The backdrop of the Ethiopian Development Bank (LDC), the name given to it by the bank lending credits, has been described by the Ethiopian Development Bank as having a long list of options available to the farmer and pastoralist. The Ethiopian Development Bank, which is said to have provided a number of loan options, is said to have been working with small business sectors known to be supported.

One senior financial expert who gave credit for the loan and accessibility of the Development Bank of Ethiopia said that the previous system was better, and that the loan was better and more affordable.

Provides a loan of 30 to 40 years and was based on any assets that the creditor could provide to the debtor. Other governments in the time of the king recounted that banks, such as investment, agriculture, and so on, also provided alternative financing options. There were also a number of banks that were able to offer a separate loan to different sectors. For example, it was for a house and a construction bank. There is no credit available today as there is no fixed asset today. Movable assets are guaranteed. It is said that the feasibility of the project is believed to have been less powerful. This is not to say that a loan is not a loan, but a senior expert points out that the credit of the bank has been used to pay creditors and strong creditors to pay their debts.

An example is an oxen loan for the farmer. Especially the beef production loan was provided to the Ethiopian Development Bank. Farmers also had a working system. It was developed and developed by the farmer, using a mortgage and a bull as a mortgage bond. Still, the same expert said that, as far as I can remember, he had been indicted by a bull that had been bought with a lamb or loan that had been insured.

This sign indicated that the bank had pledged to assert the ox, and could not sell or convert such a hedge to the debt. Such a scheme benefited the farmer. The former employee who remembrances the use of movable assets in such a way has already been promulgated in order to be able to guarantee a new security of assets, he said.

Recognizing that the country’s financial institutions are now able to access credit through loans and loans, it has been a long way off and has failed to provide a permanent mortgage guarantee.

Even if the loan is brought to the attention of a successful business, it is one of many issues that show the problems with equity. The question of unprofessional borrowing raises the question of fairness of the country’s financial services and limited access.

Recently, it is expected to apply a law that will allow the country to have the option of providing credit and implementation options. The National Bank of Ethiopia Governor, Dessie Dessie, recently gave a public statement, which would allow for the adoption of a mobile mortgage option as the option of financing the country’s credit provision and implementation.

The new approach to loan provision in Ethiopia is of great concern, he said, adding that credit is likely to become the sole source of fixed assets. The Bank also stated that banks were required to lend their loan to a fixed asset so that banks would have limited access to credit.

It is said that the only way to find a way to change this approach is to realize that the existence of a permanent collateral would not result in the country’s economy going too far. According to various studies, various types of assurances have to be set up by various types of mortgages. It is a draft law that allows them to be a bank deposit.

The draft law drafted by the House of Councilors was approved by the Council of Ministers to allow it to be approved by the Council of Ministers to allow it to use movable assets as collateral. According to the Office of the Prime Minister, individuals and institutions have prepared a plan to enable them to acquire new capital for the purpose of securing a secure patent system. In order to increase access to finance and to expand access to finance, it is necessary to establish a system for obtaining loans. In addition, the Commission has elected the House of People’s Representatives to establish an integrated and comprehensive electronic registration system to determine the priority of this type of enforcement mechanism and to ensure the right of privilege to be taken against patent traders.

Explain that this draft law is justified, and there is a chance that farmers and pastoralists in many lands will benefit from this approach. If these citizens have been deprived of their financial position in the interest of the Guarantee, they will be able to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy as well as poverty reduction. The bank has also finalized the preparation of the microfinance fund in order to make it easier to access microfinance institutions in all parts of the country.

“It is new for Ethiopia to secure the provision of financial services to citizens by securing movable assets,” the governor said, but emphasized the importance of this practice, remembering the success of other countries.

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