The government has received information on the accident of Ethiopian Airlines

The delegation that traveled to Paris with the information box returned to Addis

The French BIA, which conducted an investigation of the crash site of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8 Max Airport, was reported to the Ethiopian Bureau of Investigation.

BAI Monday, March 10, 2010 According to the statement, information from the FDR and the sound recorders was properly transmitted to the Ethiopian Bureau of Inspection, BIA and US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The information obtained from the flight recorder, the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, and Indonesia Flight 610 have been identified in the verification process.

Sunday, March 1, 2011 The Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-8 Max was injured in the early morning explosion at the Jakarta Air Force jet in the Indonesian capital Jakarta just a few minutes after the crash.

A few minutes later, the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-8 Max Airplane and Land Rover Boeing 737-8 Max aircraft were reportedly in trouble with a flight control device indicating that there were design problems for McLaren aircraft, according to aviation experts.

The two major pilots of the two planes have been asked to return a flight control device, claiming that they have been in possession of a flight control device, and they have made the same two hazards when controlling the airplane. An Indonesian Airline plane crashed shortly after Jakarta took a 13 minute flight from Jakarta, while the Ethiopian Airlines Airline crashed shortly after a six-minute flight from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

 Airline chief executive, Tewolde Gebremariam, said the Air Force had begun an order from the Air Force Control Center to return to Addis Ababa for four minutes after the plane was launched.

Both aircraft used the McAfee Flight Software and reported that the pilots had experience as part of CNN. The Lantern Flight 610 has more than 6,000 flying hours, and the Ethiopian Flight 302, Captain Yared Lords (Captain) has 8,100 flying hours.

The Ethiopian Emergency Response Test, which was commissioned last week to take the information box to Paris, was held on Tuesday, March 10, 2011. The Reporter confirmed that the early morning hours were in Addis Ababa.

The director of the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, told The Reporter that Colonel and the Bureau of Emergency Response Headquarters Col. Colonel Colonel had retrieved data from BIO inspectors.

Minister of Transport, Dag Hammam ሞጌ on Sunday March 8, 2011 According to the press release, the BIA has taken full advantage of the information and training of the flight recorder. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the data showed that Ethiopian Airlines and Lebanon were on the same plane. The accident report states that the preliminary report will be released within a month.

Following the statement of the Boeing Company, Monday, March 9, 2011 According to the statement, airlines, international aviation authorities and governments have been supporting the investigation of the incident. He realized what had happened, and he was working to prevent similar disasters in the future.

Boeing has said that Boeing is working to provide technical and technical support for the team to learn more about the crash of Ethiopian Airlines.

After the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines plane, Boeing’s company has been plagued by critics. Aviation companies claim that the Boeing Company is a flight engineer for Boeing’s 737 Max Airplanes, which has not been able to provide for this new software, and that pilots have not provided adequate training about the software.

In addition, after the leak of the Lien Air disaster in October, a flight control device was identified, Boeing reported that Boeing had failed to take corrective action.

Seattle Times reports that the US Department of State is conducting an investigation on the Boeing Company and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in connection with the Dreamliner. The Boeing Express has launched a criminal investigation into how the Gestapo Department has obtained a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Boeing company has sold about 5,000 of its 737 MAX planes to 100 airlines. Only 350 Max Airplanes are headquartered and the Ethiopian Airlines has five aircraft.

Boeing recorded $ 100 billion in revenues last year, out of which a third was found from Boeing 737 planes.

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