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Exactly two years later, we learned that Paul started treatment of hereditary infections. How far did you go to start the treatment? What is the general gonotherapy situation in the hospital? Dr Maleman-Healing Treatment is very different from kidney dislocation. It will not be as simple as the kidneys. After the dye, the changes in […]


“It is not only the possession of an institution, but it is the service.”

Brother bought me, St. Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College One of the oldest hospitals in the country, Saint Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College, is an early-stage kidney treatment facility in Ethiopia. And then, the hospital has declared a state of emergency treatment. The hospital is also working to launch new therapies in Ethiopia. Regarding the […]


Former Deputy Director of Security, appealed for a basic legal error

Former vice-director general and chief security officer of the National Intelligence and Security Service in charge of inciting crimes against humanity and corruption, were appealing for a formal appeal. The suspect, Yared Zerihun, appealed to the Federal High Court and charged that he had been detained by human rights abusers, explaining why they were guilty […]

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When engaging in native language

The Umpiadian language, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has a major contribution to the development of Islamic education and education, sustainable development and literacy. UNESCO passed this message to the member nations regarding the 20th International Day of Judgment. As part of the Ethiopian Science Day program, the mother tongue can […]